The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Science
The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Science

Introduction to the contest

With the development of sequencing technology and the accumulation of sequencing data, conventional bioinformatics is facing different degrees of challenges in handling massive biological data. As a national key R&D program in the 14th Five-Year Plan, Biotechnology and Info technology convergence is an important tool to solve the current data mining challenges in life science research. Based on this, under the guidance of Chinese Society of Bioinformatics (in preparation) and Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center; China National Genebank, Pengcheng Laboratory, BGI·Research launched the 2022 Mammoth International Contest on Omics Sciences(MICOS), which aims to provide solutions to existing scientific research problems and challenges in the life science field, and lead the innovative development of the life science big data industry; at the same time, to build a cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary technical exchange platform for professionals in multiple fields such as life science, medicine, and computer science, to stimulate the innovation consciousness and comprehensive skills of life science big data talents, and to promote the development of Biotechnology and Info technology convergence.

Contest unit

Chinese Society of Bioinformatics (in preparation), Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center

China National GeneBank, Pengcheng Laboratory, BGI·Research

Qiniu Cloud, Raysync, Intel, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation, Supermicro, NVIDIA

Tencent, H3C, Ronglian Technology

STOmics, MGI Tech, Belt and Road Life Sciences Economy Alliance (LESA), Gene Denovo, Yuce Bio, BGI·College


Contest Setting

There are 2 tracks in this contest, and the questions are "Stereo-seq Cellular Data Analysis Track" and "Precision Metagenomics Abundance Calculation Track" respectively.

Stereo-seq Cellular Data Analysis Track

Stereo-seq is an in situ capture spatial whole transcriptome sequencing technology that enables "nanometer resolution" and "centimeter panoramic field of view". The organizers hope that the contestants can apply/improve/develop algorithms for pre-processing and clustering of Stereo-seq data to achieve the goals of reducing algorithm memory consumption and increasing computing speed, while ensuring the accuracy of analysis results.

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Precision Metagenomics Abundance Calculation Track

Metagenomics analysis is a method to extract, sequence, and analyze the microbial composition and function, etc. of all microorganisms (including viruses, archaea, pathogenic bacteria, etc.) DNA within a specific environmental sample. In order to improve the accuracy of microbial profiles, the organizers will provide simulation data and hope that the participants can develop or optimize the algorithm to obtain more accurate profiles, while taking into account the memory consumption and computing speed.

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Contest Flow

Preliminary Round

June 8 - August 12

Registration for the contest, release of preliminary round data, and opening of preliminary round submission. Stereo-seq Track registration closes on August 12, 23:59:59 (UTC+8). The top 50 in Stereo-seq Track enter the intermediary round.

August 18 - September 30

Intermediary Round


October 8 - October 20

Code review for the top 15 in the ranking for each track. The top 10 teams from each track who pass the audit ranking enter the final round.

October 21 - November 4

Final Round Preparation

Final Roadshow

November 5

Organize final roadshow and award presentation.

Note: If the above time changes, the latest official announcement shall prevail.

Contest Awards

Prize pool amount: $15,000+; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Excellence Awards respectively.
The winning teams will receive official certificates of the contest.
They will also have the opportunity to be recommended for an interview.

Stereo-seq Track:
Awards Bonus (USD) Prizes Quantity
First Prize 4,500 Personal Genome VIP Test 1
Second Prize 2,200 Personal Genome VIP Test 1
Third Prize 1,500 Personal Genome VIP Test 1
Excellent Prize 450 Personal Genome Test 7
Metagenomics Track:
Awards Bonus (USD) Prizes Quantity
First Prize 1,500 Gut Microbiology Test 1
Second Prize 750 Gut Microbiology Test 3
Third Prize 300 Gut Microbiology Test 6
Excellent Prize 0 Gut Microbiology Test 20

Special Issue for Publication of Contest Results

The journal Science Progress (Impact Factor: 2.7) of SAGE Publishing Group was selected to apply for a special issue to publish the results of the contest.

Science Progress期刊