The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Science
The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Science

Introduction to the contest

Life science has entered the era of big data from the stage of accumulating experimental data, and biological data will play an important promoting role to drive the development of the life science industry. Based on this, China National Genebank, Pengcheng Laboratory, BGI·Research jointly initiated the 2023 Mammoth International Contest on Omics Sciences (MICOS), which hosted by Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Genome Read and Write, GCATbio Co., Ltd., Higentec Co., Ltd., Liandu District People’s Government of Lishui City, aims to solve practical problems in the life science industry, providing a cross-disciplinary research platform for life science, agricultural breeding, and DNA synthesis, and promoting the development of Info technology (such as computer technology, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, etc.)and life science industry convergence.

Contest unit

China National GeneBank, Pengcheng Laboratory, BGI·Research

Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Genome Read and Write, GCATbio Co., Ltd. , Higentec Co., Ltd., Liandu District People's Government of Lishui City

Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center, Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Agri-Seeds, The International Science and Technology Information Center, Key Laboratory of New Technologies of Security Intelligence in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Data Security, Guangdong Bioinformatics Society, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Data Security Research Institute, Changzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Sage, GigaScience Press, Management Committee of Jiangsu JinTan Economic Development Zone

XTAO Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Quantum

Contest Setting

There are 2 tracks in this contest, and the questions are "DNA storage Track" and "Agriculture Track" respectively.

DNA storage Track

DNA molecules, with their high information density, long-term stability, and easy backup characteristics, are considered as one of the potential data storage media in the future. DNA storage is also a cross-disciplinary research direction that integrates biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT). In order to reduce the cost of information writing and improve the accuracy of data recovery, the organizer hopes that participants can develop or optimize corresponding algorithms, use image data in biological big data as the object, and form an efficient and accurate DNA storage bit-based encoding and decoding scheme, while also taking into account memory usage and computational speed.

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Agriculture Track

In complex environments, the capture and recognition of strawberries is achieved through methods such as deep learning and computer vision by learning from datasets, enabling target detection of strawberries in complex environments, determining the quantity of various shapes, and distinguishing between those that are ripe for picking and those that are not. The organizers hope that participants can accurately identify the quantity and shape of strawberries, improve the accuracy of the algorithm model, and reduce the running time, etc.

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Contest Flow

Preliminary Round

May 29~July

Registration for the contest, release of preliminary round data, and opening of preliminary round submission. The registration/preliminary Round closes on July 23 23:59:59 (UTC+8). DNA storage Track: the top 10 enter the final round. The Agriculture Track: the top 30 enter the intermediary round.

July 24~ August

Intermediary Round


Early September

DNA storage Track: the organizer will complete the analysis of sequencing data from the machine. The analysis results will be submitted as a reference for the final score. The Agriculture Track: The organizer will conduct a code review, and the top 10 enter the final round.

September 6 ~ September 13

Final Round Preparation

Final Roadshow

mid-to-late September

Organize final roadshow and award presentation.

Note: If the above time changes, the latest official announcement shall prevail.

Contest Awards

Prize pool amount: ¥10W+; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Excellence Awards respectively.
The winning teams will receive official certificates of the contest.
They will also have the opportunity to be recommended for an interview.

DNA synthesis Track:
Awards Bonus (CNY) Quantity
First Prize 20,000 1
Second Prize 10,000 1
Third Prize 8,000 1
Excellent Prize 3,000 7
Agriculture Track:
Awards Bonus (CNY) Quantity
First Prize 20,000 1
Second Prize 10,000 1
Third Prize 8,000 1
Excellent Prize 3,000 7

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