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  • China National Genebank

    China National GeneBank (CNGB) is one of the key science infrastructures in Shenzhen, approved and funded by the Chinese government. CNGB is committed to supporting public welfare, life science research, innovation and industry development, through effective bioresource conservation, digitalization and utilization. CNGB is owned by the government and operated independently by BGI-Research under the guidance and supervision of State High-Tech Industrial Innovation Center, Shenzhen (HIIC). CNGB is a public, non-profit, open, and enabling platform. It facilitates advanced genomics R&D and technology transfer to industrial application, including precision medicine, agriculture, marine sciences and microbial application, towards its mission of making genetic resources “Owned by All, Completed by All and Shared by All”.

  • Pengcheng Laboratory

    As an important part of the national strategic science and technology force, Pengcheng Laboratory focuses on the national strategic tasks of broadband communication and new networks, as well as the long-term goals and major needs of the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and the early demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics. In accordance with the requirements of "Four Orientations", the main research directions are network communication, cyberspace, and network intelligence, and the research on strategic, prospective, and fundamental major scientific issues and key core technologies in the field is carried out.

  • BGI·Research

    As the core R&D institution of the BGI Group, the BGI·Research aims to research life sciences and promote the development of biotechnology and health for all and conducts research work closely around the core technologies and frontier scientific issues of genomics.


广东省高通量基因组测序与合成编辑应用重点实验室 华智生物技术有限公司
  • Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Genome Read and Write

    Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Genome Read and Write was established in 2017, with the approval of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Provincial, relying on BGI·Research. The key laboratory aims to maintain international competitiveness and influence in the field of genomics. Based on an in-depth analysis of the gaps in infrastructure construction, gene editing, and application between China and other countries such as Europe and the United States, the laboratory concentrates its strengths on a systematic and forward-looking scientific layout, with the expectation of achieving breakthrough results in the development of core tools for genome “read and write”, platform construction, and application demonstration. The laboratory also aims to establish a standardized talent training and open-sharing mechanism, build an innovative gene technology talent team, and play a leading role in supporting technology application transformation and building a strong technology country.

  • GCATbio Co., Ltd.

    GCATbio Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and providing complete solutions for core materials in life sciences. It has innovative capabilities in multidisciplinary cutting-edge technologies and a quality system that meets world-class standards. The company has established three major business platforms synthetic biology, protein engineering, and nucleic acid chemistry. With strong research and development capabilities and a complete product system, it is a key supplier of several heavyweight biopharmaceutical and medical device products.

  • Higentec Co., Ltd.

    Under the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and other relevant ministries and commissions, Higentec Co., Ltd. is a biological seed industry platform enterprise established by more than ten leading enterprises and professional institutions. Committed to building the industry's first-class national molecular breeding center, China's leading key generic technology platform, and the world's outstanding life science innovation enterprise.


广东省科技基础条件平台中心 上海市现代种业协同创新中心 国际科技信息中心 广东省安全智能新技术重点实验室 广东省生物信息学会 哈工大(深圳)数据安全研究院 常州市科学技术局 sage GigaScience出版社
  • Guangdong Science & Technology Infrastructure Center

    Guangdong Science and Technology Infrastructure Center was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Establishment Committee in January 2014, renamed from the former "Guangdong Provincial Computing Center", a public welfare two-class institution, directly under the leadership of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, accepting the business guidance of the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Platform Center.

  • Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Agri-Seeds

    Shanghai Collaborative Innovation Center of Agri-Seeds (SCCAS) was established by Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2021, with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. In collaboration with superior R & D organizations of seed industry including Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen (AGIS) of CAAS, Shanghai Agrobiological Gene Center (SAGC), and Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., SCCAS dedicates on uncovering the developing mechanisms of major agronomic traits and on the pyramid breeding of complicated traits with background organisms. SCCAS strives for making revolutionary progress on germplasm innovation and talent crop breeding.

  • ITIC

    The International Science and Technology Information Center (ITIC) is led by Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, and is jointly constructed by Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, Shenzhen Library of Science and Technology (Shenzhen University Town Library), Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, and National Supercomputing Center in Shenzhen. ITIC is devoted to offering top science and technology literature and digital intelligence services for researchers in Shenzhen. ITIC’s website is now open, and has achieved the first city-level coverage of six top academic databases in Asia, including ScienceDirect, Nature, Wiley Online Library, Springer, SCIE, and incoPat. Researchers in Shenzhen only need to register and then will be able to get real-time access to the full text of the world's top journals.

  • Key Laboratory of New Technologies of Security Intelligence in Guangdong Province

    The Key Laboratory of New Technologies of Security Intelligence in Guangdong Province was approved for establishment in March 2022 and relied on Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) for construction. The laboratory is oriented to the world science and technology frontier of artificial intelligence and network security integration, to the national major demand of safe, reliable and controllable artificial intelligence, and to the main battlefield of Guangdong Province economy in rapid development, and conducts research in four directions, such as intelligent security technology, security learning technology, privacy intelligence technology and security intelligence system, which are important for securing cyberspace and effectively maintaining social stability. The laboratory has set up an administrative organization led by the laboratory director and assisted by five deputy directors, four research institutes led by four academic leaders, an academic guidance structure consisting of the director and several members of the academic committee, and a backbone of the laboratory including more than 10 national talents and national young talents as well as a group of young and middle-aged front-line teachers totaling more than 40 people.

  • Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Data Security

    The Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Data Security was approved on March 01, 2022, and is the only key laboratory of data security in Shenzhen. The laboratory is committed to becoming a top think tank in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area exploring the security of data transaction circulation. It focuses on researching and developing cutting-edge technologies in the field of data security, including the security circulation of data elements. At the same time, the laboratory's research achievements have played an important role in supporting, empowering, and building a data security enabling platform that forms data into a production factor. The laboratory has also advanced the development of the data factor circulation and transaction model, strongly supporting the national strategy of big data.

  • Guangdong Bioinformatics Society

    In 2016, Guangdong Bioinformatics Society was officially established with the approval of Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province. The society aims to unite bioinformatics workers, cultivate and attract high-level bioinformatics talents, promote the application and development of bioinformatics, expand the influence of bioinformatics in Guangdong Province, and contribute to the economic construction of Guangdong Province.

  • Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Data Security Research Institute

    Institute of Data Security (IDS), Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), gathering experts and scholars from top research institutions at home and abroad, network security industry leaders, and work together to explore the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area "Stanford model of industry-academia-research cooperation ": to create a new research and industry incubation platform, and gradually incubate a number of high-tech enterprises with industry demonstration of network and data security, to provide a strong guarantee for the national digital construction and the construction of a strong network country.

  • Sage

    Sage is a global academic publisher of books, journals, and library resources with a growing range of technologies to enable discovery, access, and engagement. With79% journals now ranked in the latest JCR, Sage continues to experience consistent growth within the reports. This year ESCI and AHCI indexed journals were given Impact Factors resulting in 293 new journals receiving rankings. 76 Sage journals have received a top 10 category rank. 191 titles are now ranked in the top 30% of the JCR, and 54% of Sage journals are ranked within the top half of their subject category.

  • GigaScience Press

    GigaScience Press meets the highest international standards in publishing, combining their decades of experience with the latest technologies to make Open Science the primary goal for its publications and activities. The Press publishes award-winning Open Science journals, which all have the goal of making scientific communication reach researchers and communities around the globe. The Press also runs a data publishing platform (GigaDB) and data curation team to link published articles with data and other research objects, helping support reproducibility, reusability and the FAIR principles of data stewardship.


极道科技 昆腾
  • XTAO Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    XTAO Technology (Beijing) Co., the first distributed system manufacturer in China to collaborate on storage, management, and computing. The innovative proposal proposes the unified collaborative design of distributed storage systems, unstructured data management systems, and multi fusion unified computing systems to achieve data awareness, application awareness, and data intelligence.

  • Quantum

    Quantum's technology and services can help customers shoot, edit, share digital content, and preserve and safeguard the security of this content for decades at the lowest cost. Quantum's product platform can provide the best processing performance for high-resolution video, image,and data of IoT and other industries; The Quantum's solution covers all stages of the data lifecycle, from high-performance reading, real-time collaboration and analysis, to low-cost archiving. Every day, globally renowned entertainment companies, sports clubs, research organizations, government agencies, enterprises, and cloud service providers are using Quantum's products and services to make people's lives more exciting and diverse.